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Favorite ThisSingularity: Horizon EP Review

Published: May 13, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

Well, it is officially summer time! School is out and the sky seems a little brighter. If it also feels a little hotter, that’s because Singularity is bringing the heat with his new EP Horizon, out today on Play Me. This six song project is packed with a wide range of styles that forces the listener to pay attention to every single jam.  Each song is a whole different party.

Super Smash Brothers fans will be pleased to hear the familiar command to “Choose your Character” at the beginning of the trap banger “Ness.” This song is an absolute gem. Singularity splices the sound bites from the Nintendo game perfectly with heavy bass that makes you feel like Luigi at a Mimosa show. 

The Tide" is an electro/ dubstep bass pumper featuring the soothing vocals of frequent collaborator, Steffi Nguyen. Later in the EP, TheFatRat’s house vision of the track achieves an undeniable energy that rivals the original. The title track of the EP is a genre-blending combo of dub and house with a hint of glitch for good measure. The highlight of this song is the chemistry between Singularity and Iranian-American vocalist Nilu. Nilu, who is typically a classical singer, stepped outside of her comfort zone for this collaboration and does so beautifully. This refreshingly unique track is sure to be remixed by more than a couple of DJ’s. The final original on Horizon is an exciting exclamation mark.  "Alone" is a tidal wave of sound that uses haunting vocals with an exciting breakdown that ties a pretty bow over an already phenomenal EP.

Timing out at just under a half hour, the biggest problem with Horizon is that it only contains six songs. I would have loved to see this as an LP with six or seven more bangers on it. You just don't want it to end. Hats are off to Singularity for this one. Horizon bounces from style to style seamlessly. Even though it's only half a dozen songs, it is a cohesive project that showcases Singularity’s range of talent as well as his ear for great samples and amazing vocals. Horizon will likely be in heavy rotation in clubs, festivals, and car stereos all summer.

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