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Published: May 16, 2017

By: Kendra Blum

"Real Tricks that change the game only happen in the shadows." — STM  

The Untz Festival is creating a foundation for artists around the world to come display their talent and prove they have what it takes to be among the best. The overall mission of this festival is for our attendees to leave feeling amped up and inspired with an ear full of new music they have never heard before. It’s through catalysts like this that new ideas are born. By enabling each and every person an opportunity to participate in a multitude of ways, next month's shindig will certainly provide people a weekend of fruitful growth.

Or hell, if that's setting the bar a little high, at least a damn good party.

While The Untz Festival is curating a platform for new artists to be noticed, it is also highlighting some of the greatest artists operating in the underground bass scene today. ShadowTrix Music has been home to cutting edge sounds and musicians since 2015. They feature artists such as Trevor Kelly, Shlump, Partywave, Treemeista, and have even compiled works of art featuring almost 60 artists. Through their movement STM is showcasing artists that are well known, as well as on the rise. Through this, STM’s vision of themselves collides perfectly with the vision of The Untz Festival. We are extremely happy and proud that the ShadowTrix Music team will be hosting their very own stage at the festival.

We were able to catch up with the dudes over at STM and ask them a few questions about their overall goals as a label, in the community, and in the festival.

Check out their responses here:

PartyWaveFirst off, what inspired you to go from a singular junction to now a whole family that is SHADOWTRIX music?

The actual family existed before the label started. We have spent a good amount of time traveling and touring the Pacific Northwest, and many of the individuals we have connected with on our travels have become the foundation of the family we created. There are so many talented people in today's music scene, and we are genuinely stoked to have created an independent brand and platform where our artists feel proud to have their art represented. Music brings people together, and the label came together a result of a series of experiences that ultimately inspired us to create it.

What is your overall vision for the label?

Our vision is to inspire limitless creativity within the bass music community and beyond through a solid foundation, a trustworthy team of individuals, and the dream driven by our community through our music and art! We are the future.

What would you consider your major STM releases that put you on the map?

Activated LP - Trevor Kelly - Our first release that set the tone for our label and made a solid first impression.
Fracture LP - Shlump - has generated huge success and large amount of recognition for STM
Banyan LP - PartyWave - his most recent full-length album.

Shadows: Volume Two (Compilation Album) - our biggest release to date, 56 total songs.

ShlumpWhat is a major highlight thus far with STM?

We have had many defining moments since we launched back in May of 2015. To name one memory, at last year's Emissions Festival, seeing how solid our crew was represented and how well each person projected our intention with music and what we are about. It was absolutely mind-blowing. The sets from every STM artist were top-notch and the squad was in full force. Great times!  The entire festival was booming! Another highlight generally speaking has been working with so many amazingly talented and creative Individuals who are like-minded, and many of which are our close friends. We are honored to be creating something that we can all be proud to be a part of.

What role do you think STM plays in the community?

We hope to convey a means for artists to feel respected, their craft believed in, and provide a home for the future of talented bass music artists, to uphold and represent positive ideals within our community, establish the standard, be the voice and lead by example. 

The Untz Festival 2017What is ShadowTrix trying to accomplish with the opportunity at UNTZ music festival?

We were very excited when The Untz contacted us asking STM to be involved with The Untz Festival this year. We have been working with them for some time and they have shown a great deal of support for the music we release. This is a great opportunity for us to spread our intentions and frequencies within the festival community, specifically in California, which we call home. It was a great opportunity for us to invite some of our artists to showcase their music. We are very humbled to be partnering with The Untz Festival and are STOKED to showcase our music at the ShadowTrix Music stage.


The Untz Festival is over the top excited to see how the collaborations will turn out with ShadowTrix Music. We see nothing but big things coming now and in the future from this team of hard-working all stars. If you didn’t know–now you know. Check out recent releases from Mike.iLL, Torbjørn, Hypha, SubDocta, and so many more on the ShadowTrix Music Bandcamp page.

Catch underground sensations like TASO (of the legendary Teklife crew), Kozmo, and ShermGerm, alongside the pillars of the STM community like PartyWave, Treemeista, and Rude Boy Noize (Shlump + Trevor Kelly) when the ShadowTrix Music stage goes live June 3-4 in Mariposa, California. You're not going to want to miss a second of the action.

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