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Favorite ThisSecret Recipe remixes Kumarion smash 'Want It'

Published: September 16, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Secret Recipe Want ItKumarion's name has been on everyone's lips this summer. Which is just plain bad timing since the Seattle-based producer could have used the leverage to explode this year, if we weren't all stuck indoors.

At least his talents aren't going to waste, though. Jadu Dala, who released his blockbuster hit “Want It,” put up the stems for a remix contest, and our main man Secret Recipe crafted himself a real big bopper. Benji Hannus keeps all the vocal inflections that make the original so infectious, but adds some real tender touches and some fun surprises to keep us all guessing.

This summer marks the first in three years that Secret Recipe didn't bring his Wormhole brethren out to The Untz Festival (since it didn't happen), but you best believe he's primed and ready to wreak havoc on us all in 2021 with the whole crew. You know you Want It.

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