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Favorite ThisSchlang: Plus or Minus

Published: June 24, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

Who likes to get weird?  I know I sure do.  You know who else loves it: Schlang.  Schlang is the collective project of Space Jesus and Supersillyus.  Individually, these two have been known to get a little strange.  Together, the possibilities are endless.  Their first single, “Plus or Minus”, is a sonic psycadelic wonderland.  If you aren’t familiar with either of these producers, this song sounds like Tipper having sex with Beats Antique.  So if you’re into that kind of stuff, you will probably get down to this.  The version of Plus or Minus on Soundcloud is a five minute preview for a 10 minute long song.  So stay tuned for the full release!  Enjoy.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepPsytranceHip Hop