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Favorite Thisrisik is STILL BORING but not really ya 'KREEP'

Published: April 21, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

risik - Still BoringOne of the breakout stars of The Untz Festival last year was Chris Lockhart. Their risik project blends slimepunk with rave, crustcore with hardstyle, and James Taylor with Dying Fetus. That last one may not be accurate, but you get what's happening here.

I'd like to think we played matchmaker a little bit, but our Wormhole Music Group partners were already well aware of the reputation risik has built in the midwest and expanded out to our shores last summer. The incoming project STILL BORING is the culmination of years of irreverent growth, sneering in the face of convention and easy bandwagon-hopping. No, sir, Lockhart has stayed fiercely independent, wholly original, and utterly inimitable.

Today fans get a taste of “KREEP,” a bombastic primal scream of utter heaviness. The whole release is gonna have you by the throat, but this one in particular is going to stand out as a staple of sets and a calling card for risik's ascent.

Wormhole continues to bring us the best new talent with its takeovers at our festival. This year they're pulling rising stars in Curra, Comisar, and Chmura—and those are just the "c"s!

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