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Favorite ThisReso surprises fans with Magnox EP

Published: September 20, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Reso - MagnoxLegendary drum and bass producer Reso surprised fans this week with the release of his Magnox EP. With little fanfare and no teasing, whatsoever, Alex Melia gifted three tightly-wound dubstep tunes to the world.

Magnox is a departure from the hard-edged, pounding dubstep and drum & bass from which fans of his Hospital or even his more recent SLUG WIFE appearances would connote. Each tune is bathed in subtlety and restraint, though they still pack a keen sharpness about them.

The title track literally snarls and gnashes its teeth, but the tempo stays locked in at 140 and doesn't raise the alarm beyond a dull roar. “Damocles” is an interesting hybrid effort with tribal breakbeats peppered throughout to a psychedelic effect. The tension is evocative of a swinging sword hanging over the head, moving ever closer. Closer “Amethyst” sounds more L.A. beat scene than London dubstep, and that's the beauty of this crystalline track that is at once effervescent and brutally dark.

Melia is rejoining his SLUG WIFE brethren in Mexico for Bassnectar's Deja Voom in March, but more events will pop up before then, perhaps even some more Stateside dates, for the British bass icon.

Download the Magnox EP today.

Tags: Dubstep