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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Tim Ismag - Supervillains EP [12-2 Firepower Records]

Published: December 1, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Tim Ismag has been a favorite of Datsik for a minute now. The Russian-born producer has risen the ranks of bass music's heaviest artists, gaining the support of plenty of superstars now licking their lips for the December 2nd release of Supervillains EP on Firepower Records. But you, dear friends, get the jump on this powerful new product.

To say the title track kicks off the collection like a ton of bricks to the face would be underselling it. "Cinematic" doesn't even begin to describe the youngster's "Supervillains" blastoff. Raised on metal and schooled by the world's top electronic masterminds, Ismag's tenacity is evident in each punishing bass lick.

"Electro" churns with fearsome force, and runs right into "Scorpion" with Trinergy, a haunted ride through a macabre symphony of destruction. Dave Mustaine would be proud. Fusing classic metal elements with movie score theatrics, "Scorpion" is a bass breaks ode to Mortal Kombat's most feared villain. Get over here and listen to THIS!

Another villain from the history books, "Xerxes" rides into your eardrums on the back of exotic Persian melodies and an uptempo, subsonic trap groove that sounds like Sepultura got remixed by DJ Snake. The most gorgeous fusion of metal and hip-hop I've ever heard. This almost makes up for the scourge that is nu-metal.

A trio of remixers, handpicked by Firepower, EH!DE, MineSweepa, and Spag Heddy, then take on Tim Ismag's work to astounding results. Each is so different, and so damn good. Covering all the bases, three different brands of heavy work in tandem to take this EP to the next level.

Pre-order Supervillains EP NOW from Firepower Records

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