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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Phutureprimitive - Energy Flow [Searching For Beauty In The Darkest Places Part 2]

Published: September 23, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Today we are blessed to bring you the first single from Phutureprimitive's forthcoming album, Searching For Beauty In the Darkest Places Part 2. "Energy Flow" contains the signature emotion and powerful bass we've come to love from Rain. His intensity is palpable, as waves of unique wobbles surge over a poignant melodic soundscape. By including elements of psyglitch, trance, and dubstep, the sexy sonic stew becomes its own standalone style. Nobody else sounds like Phutureprimitive, and that's a fact.

Rain is headed out on tour with Kaminanda beginning next month in support of the album, and here's what his team told us to expect from the biggest run of his career:

This tour will feature Phutureprimitive's brand new 3D projection mapped stage, Caeli La - Ritual Dancer performing with video feedback effects, and visual music pieces exploring urban surrealism, visionary art, hyper graphic techno magic, and the redemptive power and beauty of nature.

The show will take you on a journey through the interplay of polarities: angular and organic, masculine and feminine, objects and space, technologic and natural, dark and light, phuture and primitive.

This tour will also feature the Dance Out Your Demons game, where we will provide the audience with sharpies and duct tape, so they can write down a fear or "demon" on a piece of tape, stick it to the bottom of their shoe, and dance it out with us. :)

It's time to get your tickets and get ready to grab a marker, scribble down your darkest fear, slap it on your sole, and dance it out on the Searching For Beauty tour with Phutureprimitive and the gang.

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