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Favorite ThisPhydra gives his sound an 'Overhaul'

Published: May 6, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

PhydraWhen we last checked in with Alec Hummel, he was making some minimal dubstep with a psychedelic edge. But now as we catch up with the Phydra sound, it's undergone an Overhaul, resulting in his latest EP for Badman Studios.

Aiming for a fully wonky 140 sound, Hummel gets us right where we live with this fun and frenetic wubber that's perfectly seasoned for our fans. The title track, “Overhaul,” which we share with our feed today, is a tasty selection from the EP that epitomizes this new Phydra sound. The EP dropped late last month.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Phydra has grown on fans up and down the west coast, and continues to deliver a sound that will always tickle our fancy.

Get Overhaul now from Badman Studios

Tags: Dubstep