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Favorite ThisMYTHM & ASHEZ get angsty with 'MURK'

Published: May 5, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

MYTHM - ANGST EPTalk about timing. Just a couple days before he's slated to play a solo set and B2B set with Matheny as part of the Wormhole Takeover at The Untz Festival, Canada's MYTHM releases his ANGST EP on that very same label, Wormhole Music Group.

Featuring collaborations with dope, Wraz, and Frigid, the EP has the MYTHM sound that fans have come to expect: heavy distorted dubstep, elements of breakcore, junglist vocal samples, and plenty of... well... angst.

Today we premiere “MURK,” a collaboration with ASHEZ that very much falls in line with the heaviest of heavy on the festival lineup. There are a few signature moves from the MYTHM toolbox that fans will recognize, as well as contributions from ASHEZ that complement the production styles.

As attendees noticed yesterday when our schedule dropped, our schedule leads us into some pretty dicey territory as MYTHM B2B Matheny > Chee > Shades leads us down a path of darkness under the Blood Moon Eclipse. We're good and well fucked, I suppose.

Pre-save before the May 10th release date:

Tags: Dubstep