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Favorite ThisMr. Bill & Haywyre - Dress Codes [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: July 23, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

"Match made in heaven" seems a little  trite, so let's just say "it's been a long time coming." Australian glitch-hop phenomenon Mr. Bill teamed up with one of America's brightest shining stars, Haywyre, for a future funk tour de force littered with smooth jazz nods. If you ever find yourself boppin' in an elevator, jammin' to the tunes when your dentist puts you on hold, or breakin' it down in a TJ Maxx fitting room because you're one of the cool few who can really dig the intrinsic nastiness of easy listening, this homage is up your alley. Part of Bill's Collaborative Endeavors project, "Dress Codes" is fodder for quantam physicists. How can a tune be so clean, yet so filthy at the same time? Don't be a dolt, grab the download.