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Favorite ThisMaxfield does it all on 'Chuckleblup'

Published: February 21, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

MaxfieldEast coast bass maven Maxfield has been a fixture on our feeds of late. Jake Maxfield is staying busy, unloading a prolific body of new work and the latest batch lands on VALE next week.

The Malleable Mirage, the new 5-track EP out February 27th, is a sonic collage in line with Kyle Harrington's artwork. The interplay of live electronic glitch, neuro turntablism, and left-field synthesis is as dazzling as it is technically proficient.

Often, musicality gets lost in the granular game, but this collection of tunes, and namely, today's premiere, “Chuckleblup,” play along the edge of harmony and cacophony, and the result is a spine-tingling assortment of a multitude of flavors.

Maxfield is a featured player at the SLUG WIFE Takeover in Brooklyn next month, performing alongside Broken Note, Kursa, Seppa, Smigonaut, and LuSiD in Lost Circus at Avant Gardner on March 16th.

Pre-order The Malleable Mirage from VALE

Tags: Glitch