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Favorite ThisMat Zo - Lucid Dreams (The M Machine Remix)

Published: November 27, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

In the interest of full disclosure, anytime I hear about a new track from The M Machine, remix or original, I start doing backflips down the block. I've showed my hand when it comes to the trio out of the Bay Area, and I've got a horrible poker face, to boot. All journalistic integrity goes out the window, because these guys GET IT. Taking the almost nu-disco sound of Mat Zo's original and adding space--that's the most important ingredient--SPACE, they re-invent the gorgeous melody and flip it on its ear. The bouncy vibe and joyous, almost effervescent tones, lay in sharp contrast to the signature dark and brooding M Machine sound--which further proves they can do it all! Sheesh, I'm a fan boy. Sue me. I don't have to tell you to buy this one, because you were already way ahead of me.