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Favorite ThisLudge x Squalor debut their ode to throwback dubstep 'Twenty Ten'

Published: March 14, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Seven years ago. Who can even remember that far back? We were just a bunch of jaded vets who thought we knew everything and gave barely any fucks... now. Well now we're just a bunch of jaded vets... OK, so growth isn't for everyone, clearly, but it is for some folks.

East coast bass producers Ludge and Squalor were just a couple of bassheads running around their hometown with a stack of stickers we sent them. Aside from slapping The Untz logo all over every light pole and mailbox they could find, they were also banging their heads to the ultra-wobbly sounds of that era's dubstep.

Now they've both grown up, we've gotten crotchetier, and these two are turning out their own brand of snarling bass. In a nod to the classic sounds of yesteryear, today the pair release “Twenty Ten,” a growling tribute to the warm wubs of a bygone era that honestly seems to be gaining as much traction now as it did then—if not more.

With a snapping, gnashing, sentient bass sound and a patient, grinding drum line, there are so many fans of this style of bass music now, that it's like these cycles of taste have started circling back on themselves before they really even start, and definitely before they go away. That's internet as fuck.

Ludge will be heading out on the road this spring. He's doing Troll Fest in Brooklyn, NY on April 1 with Levitation Jones, Toadface, Wax Future, and DJ SOLO, then rejoins Jones in May for a run through the northeast on the Whether You Like It Or Not tour. This irreverent bass cadet is gunning for your fandom. Why don't you let him win you over? He's definitely won us over with that artwork that's got a little easter egg for all those fans who got stacks of stickers from us back in the good ol' days.

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