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Favorite ThisLITLBIRD navigates the 'River of Bones'

Published: January 24, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

LITLBIRDLA-based producer LITLBIRD is giving us fierce, is giving us retro, is giving us fiery passion on this latest single. rawr.

A throwback, big beat, rave breaks vibe mixed with post-apocalyptic, post-bass, post-genre fare is exactly what we're looking for, and we've got it in spades with “River of Bones.”

Not a whole lot of bass music producers are trafficking in this type of soundscape experimentation, but we're here for it. It's definitely something our discerning bass fans are hip to.

A little birdy told us that there might just be a bigger collection of LITLBIRD coming out in the near future, but you can never trust those feathered critters.

This single is available for pre-save now, and will be on all DSPs on January 30.

Tags: BreaksElectronicaGlitch