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Favorite ThisJPOD is back with a bold, full length album: Circadian Rhythms

Published: August 15, 2019

By: Michelle Gargano

JPOD The Beat Chef

One of our favorite funky vets from our neighbor to the north returns after a long hiatus from the studio.

JPOD is an iconic producer. The Beat Chef has been serving up original sounds for quite some time, and Circadian Rhythms dropped earlier this week on Addictech Records, making this his second full length album to date.

Over the fifteen track album, JPOD demonstrates his advancements in production while simultaneously introducing fans to a whole new vibe. Both instrumental and calming, he takes listeners on a journey through many realms.

A circadian rhythm is the natural cycle of living creatures, over a 24-hour timespan. The process of this pattern refers to the sleep-wake cycle; this album takes the listener through this process, sonically.

We start this adventure with “Copper Stride,” and are slowly dipped into a restful mindset. We coast through the next few tracks with ease, and then are greeted with a more awakened sound in “On the Cusp.” The combination of pleasant vocals and booming bass made this my personal favorite. The next few songs really flow together, continually gaining momentum and adding in so many different instruments. “Muggle Dub” comes in heavy with its glitchy, funky, upbeat, dance-y feel–this track gives us a reminder of the JPOD we know and love! He slows it down a bit but the vibe rolls over into “Right Now.”

The second half of Circadian Rhythms continues with a strong instrumental influence. We circle all the way back to the a more delicate state of mind with “Belong.” JPOD really turns it up for the last few tracks, implementing melodic bass and more soothing vocals, “Highland Shore” gives us all the feels. To finish, “Moonlit,” encapsulates all the different elements mixed throughout this album. This track leaves you with a happy, wholesome feeling.

JPOD obviously has been hard at work developing an album that breaks the barriers of his usual sound and the final product is nothing short of amazing.

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