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Favorite ThisGreensleeves (The Coop Remix)

Published: December 21, 2012
By: Dan Dicker

The holidays are a time of giving, fuzzy feelings, dreamy landscapes of white snow, and eggnog-fueled decision making. These are the things that come to mind while listening to Chicago-based livetronica act The Coop's remix of the classic holiday standard, "Greensleeves."  The band lulls you in with a chilled-out downtempo beat that lays the foundation for the classic melodic theme. Guitarist Danny Biggins highlights this movement with an octave-effected guitar riff that soars above the tinkling piano of Joe Re and the lush synchopated beats of bassist/producer Cason Trager and drummer Jake Barinholtz. After the band runs through the melody, the track out of nowhere descends into pure bass madness, then launches into a full rock assault that smacks of Trans-Siberian Orchestra on ecstasy. It truly is a soundtrack to the season of giving. Speaking of the season of giving, The Coop is handing out this track for free download.