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Favorite ThisG Jones: Eyes EP review

Published: August 23, 2013
By: Tooesday Behr

Oh, G Jones. Who do you think you are?

The young whipper-snapper is probably sitting in a café in Amsterdam as I’m writing this, tasting the finer things that the Netherlands city has to offer. He’s preparing himself for a night of bumping boomlicious bangers at some of the coolest cantinas and cabarets. You know, life of a kale-a-holic Santa Cruz playah, and all that.

Luckily, he didn’t fly the coop and leave us empty-handed.

His new EP, Eyes, is a whopper with minimalist synth lines rubbed against low end stretched out wobbles that sound like happiness.

"Boss Levels" starts out with this sweet little intro and turns into a time-lapse circus with wonky bits of bloops and bleeps streaming out of the frames of an instant classic bass bangaranger. Yes, bangaranger is a word. I just made it up. This track tells an interesting story that pumps energy beginning to end and one of the soon-to-be faves in the G Jones arsenal.

"Stars" is a rocket ship track featuring an epic space battle with large alien ships jumping into the area around earth. Then at :34 G Jones flies up into the upper Thermosphere armed only with a bass canon modulator do-hickey and takes a look at all the baddies and says, yeah. Then at the 1:00 mark he just cuts loose and starts spraying everyone down like a home and garden infomercial. And cut. Positively phenomenal.

"Tunnels" is another exploratory chapter of the EP. It took me back to a moment where I was driving through the Lincoln Tunnel from Jersey to NYC, hitting grates while the tires hummed and clacked and the orange lights flashed above. The tunnel walls moved in closer and I felt the squeeze of the Hudson above me. The pressure was intense and "Tunnels" brought all that back in an instant. This is just another example of G Jones crafting built-in emotion in his tracks and sticking it right into your frontal lobe, triggering who knows what. 

"Vanishing Point" is hands down the EP anthem with a startling simple design and yet complex in its execution. Its synths, snares and claps are all perfectly timed and motivate a deep internal response to its energy. It just popped up to the top of my list of things I listen to hear on the reg.

The 7-track collection is out today on Berlin's Robox Neotech, but you don't have to speak Deutsch to grab it. "Highly recommend" doesn't curl our toes like it should, so let's just say--"snatch it."