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Favorite ThisFutexture - Genetically Modified Oscillations

Published: October 29, 2013
By: Jacki Horne

Envision what a futuristic glitchy world of vegetable and animal hybrids would sound like; you have just imagined Futexture’s new enigmatic EP Genetically Modified Oscillations. The concept behind the new EP is an ingeniously humorous and creative spin-off of the hotbutton GMO issue. All 6 of the EP’s IDM tracks are full of glitch and breaks, all cheekily named after a different mutant vegetable and animal hybrid species.
“Cauliflowl” opens the EP with a glitchy bang, as it is full of a delightfully strange melody that possesses plenty of breaks. “Cucumbear“ transitions into a bit of a darker sound, while maintaining the spacey glitch vibe. The track is complete with robotic vocals and high-pitched synth. “Asparagoose” reflects a robotic gypsy sound, as it blends chimes with robotic noises; it also possesses undertones of drum & bass with a huge glitch addition.
“Aardvartichoke” – blends curious animals noises with a glitched up xylophone melody; the end of the track even adds in a little bit of marching band funk. The second take of “Aardvartichoke” (Robert Rice’s Watermelvin Rebirth) is my favorite track on the EP. It contains a much deeper bass and many more whomps than the other tracks. The Watermelvin Rebirth ends the EP fantastically on a futuristic, spacey note that brings it down a notch and ultimately cuts off on slow motion tempo.
“Genetically Modified Oscillations” is the ideal EP for spacing out and getting weird. It is available for free, or name your price download, via Gravitas Recordings. If you like getting weird with intelligent dance music, it’s definitely time to download this EP.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitchHip Hop