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Favorite ThisFRQ NCY & Mindset combine for Perplexity EP and tour

Published: December 5, 2018

By: Michelle Gargano

FRQ NCY & MindsetSaturate Records unleashed the Perplexity EP earlier this month, following the start of FRQ NCY and Mindset’s tour. These two fresh faces from the east coast have been emitting some serious bass vibrations that are being felt all over the country.

Chaz Hayley, also known as, FRQ NCY, has been steadily gaining momentum this year. With features on Wormhole Music Group and ShadowTrix, he is just beginning his accession as a producer. Timmy Walker a.k.a. Mindset has been diving in with similar spirit, producing quality trap and dubstep over the last few years. Together, the two have formed an admirable connection in the airwaves.

By mixing in their personal flavors and incorporating many different sound profiles, this three track EP is a perfect example of what can happen when great minds join forces. “Mydoom” was an ultimate favorite—in this track futuristic bass meets trap meets dreamy trip-hop to form a powerful hybrid.

Be sure to check out the Perplexity tour dates for your chance to see these guys in action in a city near you!

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