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Favorite ThisFriend of the Devil: A Quick Chat with Mustard Pimp: Electric Zoo 2012

Published: September 12, 2012
By: Zoe Wilder

Baron from the French electronic production duo Mustard Pimp, a member of the Dim Mak clan and, according to his Facebook page, heavily influenced by Satan, was kind enough to have a quick chat with me after his Electric Zoo debut.

"How was your set?"
“It was was early in the day, but some people were there and they were reacting, so...”

“Tell me something interesting,” I insisted.
“I don’t smoke pot, unfortunately,” he apologized in his thick French accent. He had no debaucherous stories to reveal, no passion for politics, and insisted he never did anything crazy. “When I’m not traveling, I just spend my time listening to music, watching movies, playing video games...” he shrugged.

Satan and I didn’t buy it, but I managed to pull an answer out of him. Struggling, I implored, “We are at Electric Zoo...What is your power animal?”
“Badger,” he answered, “but only because it means something funny in French.“

His parting advice for all his fans, “Go to school and don’t go to jail.

Zoe Wilder, a jane of all trades (Writer, Model, Artist, Vocalist, etc.) currently can be found producing events with SpinSpinNYC, writing and performing alongside house-music DJ/Producer Nutritious, and performing with various musical acts around the globe.  You can also find her on the dancefloor all over town.

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