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Favorite ThisFeed Me - Lonely Mountain [Calamari Tuesday out 10/14]

Published: October 11, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Is it Calamari Tuesday yet?? Not quite, but this will tide us over. Anticipation builds for the latest Feed Me record, his first since he proclaimed he was done. A little backpedaling and some solid previews later, and we're sitting on the cusp of a major release. The latest preview, "Lonely Mountain," is classic Jon Gooch. The ultra melodic builds are patient and brilliant. The thumping groove then slams on the brakes, cutting into a dubstep halftime breakdown with what sounds like a shimmering keytar solo. Edgar Winter couldn't have done it better. Sure, Winter wasn't actually ON keytar, but we're assuming Gooch wasn't either. The album is out Oct 14th on Sotto Voce, Feed Me's own brand new label!