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Favorite ThisDYNOHUNTER - Megawatts & Monoliths EP [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: October 8, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

We're continually being impressed by these young upstarts out of Boulder. DYNOHUNTER is changing the live electronic game, yet again. Megawatts & Monoliths is such an impressive collection of tunes. It doesn't have to be judged on a handicapped scale with other "live" acts, because these tunes are solidly competing with the tracks produced by the rest of their electro contemporaries.
DYNOHUNTER brings the fire with "Cabrakan" and "Call to Arms." Powerful, driven, and slavishly devoted to the four-on-the-floor beat, Clark Smith doesn't slather his sax all over these tracks, but flavors them. Restraint and evolution are the watchwords of this EP. We already heard the moombah stylings of "Collider," but are nonetheless impressed, and "Tour de Force" speaks for itself. Speaks volumes.
The trio heads out on the second leg of its fall tour, sponsored by, this week. They're in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and more before heading back to CO to round out the run. Couldn't be prouder, and when you hear the album, you couldn't be more impressed.