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Favorite ThisDubCOliNG warms up for Infrasound with 'Through the Streets' mix

Published: June 2, 2016

By: Drew Albee

DubCOliNG’s work on the sixth edition of Street Ritual’s new mix series, Through the Streets, accentuates the Colorado-raised, Tahoe-based artist’s skills not only on the turntables, but curating a mix, as well.

The extended mix, released on 4/20, appropriately incorporates some elevated vibes for your audible enjoyment. DubCOliNG, a bass music producer, DJ and turntablist, kicks the mix off with an interesting blend of a Damian Marley a capella track and Tipper’s liquidy “Ambergris,” before he brings his scratching prowess to the forefront. The mix goes on to integrate an intriguing synthesis of glitch, bass, psychedelic, chill, funky and eastern sound waves to create a massive and versatile sonic environment.

The mix begins nice and chill fusing some bass-driven, down tempo tracks with DubCOliNG’s fresh scratching before evolving into a glitchier, midtempo section that seems heavily inspired by Eastern instruments and vocals.

DubCOliNG then drops some of his classic tracks, as well as a few unreleased gems of his into the mix. The artist’s “Through the Streets” mix then undulates between some more upbeat, funky tracks and the midtempo glitch atmosphere heard in the previous section.

The final third of the mix is ultra danceable and seemingly the most experimental segment of the mix. DubCOliNG mingles in some techno, house and dub vibes while maintaining the psychedelic bass feels prominent throughout the extended mix. The mix appropriately concludes with Moody Good’s insanely crunchy and unique bass-fueled take on Slum Village’s “Fall in Love.”

Overall, DubCOliNG’s Colin Tucker brings mad feels on the sixth edition of Street Ritual’s “Through the Streets” mix series. The mix features DubCOliNG and over 30 other talented producers on 49 tracks over two hours. Wonderful turntablism, chill vibes, funky glitch and a massive amount of psychedelic bass encompass the sonic frequencies highlighted on this extended mix and make for a soul-penetrating and fluid journey through sound. So, sit back, roll up, light up and enjoy this elevating soundscape.

Fans can see DubCOliNG live at Infrasound tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm on Zebbler's Treehouse.

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