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Favorite ThisDancemyth debuts inventive 'Low Toner' from Self-Construct EP

Published: October 23, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

DancemythOur Wormhole Music Group dealers served us up another winner with the new Dancemyth EP. We've known about Michigan's Daniel Smith for a good spell, but it wasn't until now that we've realized his full potential.

The entire Self-Construct EP, which gets its Wormhole release on October 25th, has its own peculiar internal logic. Is it glitch-hop? Maybe. Is it utterly original? Absolutely. MIDI beeps and boops are arranged in such a unique way on Self-Construct that it's got me scratching my head, but I know I love it.

Today we premiere “Low Toner,” which will give you panic attacks and flashbacks to your office job if you're a working stiff like most of us. But Smith takes the printer out back and smashes the fuck out of it with a baseball bat a la Office Space. This malfunctioning menace is a helluva ride.

Dancemyth just opened for Ott and Kaya Project on Sunday, but we figure he'll be returning to the Detroit Metro area soon.

Tags: Glitch