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Favorite ThisBleep Bloop delivers dream collabs on Prologus Auxilium

Published: October 1, 2018

By: Jonathan Gross

With a passion for overdriven bass and equally trenchant views on the scene, the entertainment industry, and politics, writ large, Aaron Triggs has forged a rabid fan base birthed in the fiery furnaces of broken beats, smoldering circuits, and a bloody knuckled hardcore aesthetic.

It's a match made in heaven for Alpha Pup Records, which was drawn to the latest Bleep Bloop EP, Prologus Auxilium, and the equally dreamy collaborations the four-track collection sports. Hitting Triggs' four quadrant base in glitch, slimepunk, halftime, and hip-hop, the quartet of collabs gives fans a multi-faceted look at the street tough songsmith.

Opener “Impel Tiltskin” pairs Bleep Bloop with legendary producer Mr. Bill. The result is a bombastic joy ride on a misfiring, lurching two-stroke rickshaw across bumpy back streets. As groovy as you're going to get with a Triggs track, you can hear the two artists having unbridled fun passing this one back and forth.

Bleep Bloop was in early on Ethan Glass, which is something we share. “Santoryu” is the pair's homage to One Piece, but don't be fooled. This isn't some cutesy weaboo twee fanfic. This is a brutal rampage of shrapnel and static, and easily the heaviest selection on an EP of heavy.

Fans first heard the single “Tremors” with Tsuruda, which proceeded last week's EP drop by a month. Thomas Tsuruda has long been valued as an artist's artist (part of our drive to host him at The Untz Festival in 2017), and his beatwork is unparalleled and wholly original, which makes this joint effort all that more exciting to hear.

Bleep Bloop closes the EP with a track featuring Detroit's Nebr the Tiger. If Death Grips is your thing, then this is as close as you're gonna get to Death Grips without it actually being Death Grips (and then again if you heard it in the wild, you'd be like "is this Death Grips?"). “Killing Machine” is sonic terrorism in the best possible sense.

You can catch Bleep Bloop on his Prologus Auxilium tour with handful of our favorite artists including Chee, Sayer, Noer the Boy, great dane, Thelem, and the aforementioned Ethan Glass.

Bleep Bloop - Prologus Auxilium

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