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Favorite ThisBit Deff - Voodoo // Doll EP [Out NOW on massive.ideas]

Published: February 4, 2014
By: Matthew Meadow

Bit Deff is a relatively unknown producer hailing from Jacksonville, FL. However, as we've seen time and  time again, the unknowns often have the greatest ability to blow us away with their creations.
This time is no different with Bit Deff's latest EP release, Voodoo // Doll. Straying a bit from the typical club sound, Bit Deff creates an exploratory atmosphere of bass wherein melodic synths and spirited percussion draw the listener in. Every track is characterized by aggressive basslines and Eastern strings, what you would expect if Beats Antique took shrooms and dove into the studio (and that's saying something).
"Uddakai" demonstrates how a track can go from so wonderfully downtempo to Bollywood dancehall in no time. Opening with chopped-up vocals and a soothing, exotic synth, the bassline quickly takes over carrying the rhythm. At the breakdown, the drums kick into overdrive as the strings distort and waver. What you're left with is a groove-heavy acid jazz fusion track that is absolutely transcendent.
Bit Deff makes no compromises in his creations, leaving mastering to his fellow [massive.ideas] counterpart, Warp9. This happens to be the first official release from [massive.ideas], following the success of its electro soul compilations. You're not likely to hear anything like this from anyone else.

Tags: Glitch