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Favorite ThisBear Grillz rips koalas, talks Firepower Records collab EP out June 2

Published: May 28, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

On June 2nd, everybody's favorite bass-blastin' giant omnivorous Ursidae Bear Grillz rounds up his buds for Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2, featuring a high-flying assortment of collaborations for Datsik's Firepower Records brand.

We braved a tussle with the bear to get some answers.


Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2We're excited for the collabs with Getter, ETC! ETC!, Trollphace, and more--when you're in the studio, how do you prevent yourself from eating your friends?

Eat people when they work with them? Also I hope that's not some kind of innuendo... I'm catholic and find those kind of insinuations deeply offensive.

You kicked off your big Get Ducked Up tour last Saturday in Chicago at Medusas, what's a bear do in the big city?

Fucked bitches and got paid. Also caught some fabulous new exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Does Ducky ghostwrite for you, ever?

No, he's barely ever lucid enough to operate a computer as he has a crippling and frankly spiralling crack habit. Plus he has wings, how the fuck would he be able to use a trackpad? What a dumb question.

A big chunk of our tour in June is in Australia and New Zealand. What's your opinion on koalas?

They are the most pitiful excuses for bears I have ever seen in my life. Last time I met a koala it pissed itself all over an entire family of Korean tourists. What a fantastic day.

When you get back from tour at the end of June, what are you going to do with all that free time?

To be honest since becoming the latest EDM megastar my tour diary keeps filling up on a daily basis, so I'm going to be straight out on tour again more or less as soon as I get back. I'm really looking forward to my first Lamborghini.

Pre-order Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2 from Firepower Records TODAY!

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