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Favorite Thisbarnacle boi impresses with 777 EP

Published: March 8, 2019

By: Michelle Gargano

barnacle boiIan Oliver, better known as barnacle boi, released his EP 777 earlier this year, and he is serving up some truly refreshing sounds. You might hear him remixing one of your favorite songs from your teenage years, but aside from DJ-ing and working on his original music, Oliver also dabbles in visual production and vocalism, giving this east coast act a truly innovative flare.

Starting off with the title track “777,” this song sets the mood with its peaceful ambience and reverberates a tranquil feel throughout the whole EP. By incorporating lyrics and bass with his relaxing melodies, “Coming Home,” and “Gossip,” gave off a super catchy and pleasant vibe. Finishing off strong with “Alive,” this whole composition left me feeling calm and inspired.

During these four tracks, we are taken on an emotional journey, dipping into a series of soundscapes and defying all genres. barnacle boi really paints a dream-like picture with his music and leaves his fans at ease, which is rare in the EDM world. He even got a plug from notorious rapper RiFF RaFF. You can catch him live in Wilmington, North Carolina tonight at the Calico Room.

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