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Favorite ThisB1tyze debut 'City of the Damned' from Cascadia EP

Published: November 15, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

B1tyzeOur drum & bass hookup Johnathan Thomas has been hard at work on the Samsara Beats label with HNGVR. Their latest release is a 4-track EP from B1tyze, the collaborative duo of B1t Crunch3r & Kantyze.

The Cascadia EP is already dark, but my premiere selection today takes the cake for utter, brutal, dystopian nightmarescapes, if you get my drift. “City of the Damned” is a wickedly low-key industrial hybrid that pairs clanging, machine-pumped steel with eerie atmospherics. The walls are closing in, but you love every second of this neo-tech-futurist wasteland. This one's definitely the heaviest of the bunch, but the difference is incremental—they've all got their charms on this EP.

The duo get a brilliant remix from the legend Walters, and drum and bass fans know exactly what to expect. We are thrilled to see Samsara taking a stronger halftime lead, and we are hoping to hear more 

Tags: Drum and Bass