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Favorite ThisYunis premieres 'Fidget' from new Saturate Records EP

Published: March 31, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

YunisThe prince of Hamburg is back at it. Yung Yunis has that certified heat blasting out of Saturate Records on April 4th. The new EP, Distorted Sines features an all-star cast of collaborators and remixers including Toadface, GREAZUS, Holly, Subp Yao, BANGANAGANGBANGERS, and more. More of that nasty slimepunk headed your way straight from the Saturate bosses.

I'm a big softie, so of course I'm always going to pick the bedroom heat that's gonna rock the bedsprings as opposed to the crowd, but seriously, get you a tune that can do both, right? Enter “Fidget,” with soaring synths that get you thinking Childish Gambino, but a battery of bass and beats that has you running for cover. It's the light and the dark that gets my motor running.

All your favorite acts have Yunis on speed dial (which is an outdated term that will soon go extinct), but the good news is, this EP is going to be the perfect launch for the uninitiated in less than a week.

Tags: Trap