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Favorite ThisYheti remains adventurous while 'The Party Has Changed'

Published: February 7, 2020

By: Bo Nuanual

YhetiOur festival veteran, Yheti, just dropped his most adventurous album to date and it makes The Untz melt into those proper primordial puddles of goo we often mop up when opening our eyes to a world that does not dance nearly enough as we want it to. Harness the matrix and navigate the simulation; alternate realities expose themselves the louder and more frequent you listen to this collection of songs.

Those puddles—over time—eventually cook and evaporate into the atmosphere. The transcendent evaporation hovering in the clouds is what Yheti made me shape-shift into as I was blasting his album and aggressively speeding down the highways of Portland on a lovely overcast day. This album contagiously ignites party people’s souls around a weird beach bonfire involving massive volumes of alien alphabet soups. Metaphysical doldrums and existential messages hidden in the cloud cover seem to be more visible as you spin this new release.

The Untz Festival 2020The Party Has Changed, is an epic new toy we get to play with; in the car, in the bar, and on that spaceship which hopefully does not have any monkeys on it. In all seriousness you can’t turn your back on the monkeys. If you are dealing with Thai monkeys and listening to space bass, please keep your wits about you. In one week, I will be on a beach in Thailand listening to Yheti’s album and sharing it with Australian and European travelers. We will dance our faces off and bond over the oscillations and intelligent pitch shifts while the macaque monkeys will slowly creep down from the hills and trees to check out what the crazy humans are up to. As long as the monkeys promise to behave and to not bite, we will invite them to the strange island late night dance party.

What a dope 11-track album. This is an album that creates nothing but positive energy. It activates all the right neural pathways. This is the new music that will be waking up all the neighbors in 2020. This is the sound you blast when you have your after party this weekend. This album is a good example of what proper underground bass can be. We are yet again so fucking lucky to have him with us at this year’s festival. Let Yheti lead us on an intergalactic space mission at The Untz Festival from May 29-31in Browns Valley, California. You can link up with Yheti and other aliens when you get out to Sycamore Ranch.

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