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Favorite ThisVusive remixes HorseExplosion x JuJu Beats for ThazDope Records

Published: April 3, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

ThazDope Wake The NationPart of the joy of having ThazDope Records on board as a partner for The Untz Festival is that I can kick back, put up my feet, and know that I don't have to do much hunting and gathering for the hottest new tunes. New acts are going to find their way to my inbox without lifting a finger, because ThazDope is fifty steps ahead of me seeking out the newest artists who are making moves in the bass music game and ushering them my way.

We're getting a lot of great buzz on our end about Vusive. He's been tapped to join the Wake The Nation tour, which will be a roving army of ThazDope acts playing a number of stops around the country on their way to our festival. He's also got a brand new release dropping tomorrow on the label, Rupture, which we're super excited about, and wouldn't you know it—he's got a new remix that we was kind enough to shoot over for a premiere today.

Taking on “Abduction,” one of the hottest tracks on the Flux compilation earlier this year by HorseExplosion and JuJu Beats, Vusive was able to use his talents on a minimal dubstep track with fun flavors and a really kicking groove. Your hand just balls up into a fist a few seconds in and won't start pumping. In fact, everything we've heard from Vusive really demonstrates some thunderous abilities, so we're just all the more hungry for Rupture's release tomorrow.

Making sure to snag your tickets to The Untz Festival returning to the Mariposa County Fairgrounds in Mariposa, California from June 2-4, where Vusive will be joining Moniker, Eazybaked, Airplan3 Mod3, and more—including JuJu Beats—on the ThazDope Records stage.

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