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Favorite Thistsimba takes on Shakewell's 'Leglock'

Published: February 26, 2019

Story by: Michelle Gargano

Photo by: Isa Rose Photography

tsimbaThere is nothing more auditorily pleasing than the convergence and flawless blend of genres.

Mark Evans Musto, more commonly known as tsimba, is doing the bass-lord’s work with his bootleg of Shakewell’s rap anthem, “Leglock.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Musto has been putting an original twist on some of the hottest tracks, while simultaneously building up his own production skills and delivering perfectly curated DJ sets to fans.

Coining the term, future roots sound,” tsimba brings that phrase to life and defines it in all aspects. The East meets the West and adds its own coastal element in “Leglock.” By adding bass heavy, trippy, dubby vibes, he leaves us curious to see what’s on the horizon.

tsimba just hit Arch Street Tavern in Connecticut with fellow rising bass star VCTRE. You can catch both those good boys, as well as spacegeishA, Ultrasloth, K.L.O., Seppa, Space Jesus, Bleep Bloop, Boogie T, Subtronics, Al Ross, HE$H, Of The Trees, Freddy Todd, Mersiv, Saule, SuDs, Big Chocolate, Bukez Finezt, Thelem, pushloop, and so many more at The Untz Festival this summer in Mariposa, California. Tickets are on sale now at

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