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Favorite Thistsimba bursts out the gate with 'Hugo'

Published: March 22, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

tsimbaI've been talking about tsimba, no—screaming—and y'all are pretending like I wasn't, but you know y'all fucked up.

Mark Evans Musto has been quietly releasing some of the hottest east coast bass on the market right now, and next month he's making the hop to a high class west coast operation we happen to know intimately, but if you've been ignoring what I've been saying about Musto, that time has drawn to a close.

Dématerialisér drops April 17 on our buddies' Wormhole Music Group label, and we're already cranking the A/C in the office in preparation. Today we premiere the EP opener, “Hugo,” but you don't have a clue how sweaty the rest of this EP is. There are lots of classic, throwback wobbles, but plenty to let you know tsimba is all about that future sound.

Catch tsimba at Troll Fest out on the fuckin' ocean at the end of the month, then back up in Boston with Mickman and DeeZ at the end of next month. You're going to be seeing a lot more of him popping up in the near future—I guarantee it. You can't ignore me now.

Tags: Dubstep