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Favorite ThisTripzy Leary and his Cyberspace album got us feeling a certain way

Published: February 28, 2020

By: Bo Nuanual

Tripzy LearyWhatever you might do for most of your waking life, please for the love of god do not speed off from the cops when they blue light you. Just stop and give up; unless you have a fast ass fucking car and you are spinning Tripzy Leary. Then flick the finger out the window as you swim 100 km/hr. But don’t do it if you're not listening to the right track.

Do not dare get on to a plane shuttling down to a remote part of the earth connecting with the best mycelium—but fuck—if you do please, make sure to blow your speakers the fuck up with this shit. My head is in perpetual nod motion right now, no doubt. Please do not make any mistakes my fellow aliens.

Packing 10 monster tracks into the Cyberspace LP, which rocketed into orbit earlier this month, Tripzy Leary has cast a spell on the team, and we're caught in the tractor beam. There's range and emotion, and devastating beauty in each delectable morsel. Consume this one front to back, but only in the primest of settings.

A lovely German man at one of the Bangkok ports a few days ago gave me the sleeXXpy pills and then I put this shit on my head phones. 30,000 feet up in the air and I never felt despair; juggling my mental with an angelic musical intervention.

This is a dope soundtrack to cross hemispheres. It is helpful. The way the Cyberspace LP hits is like jumping out of an airplane on a pressy without any clothes on and screaming something like...fuck. The best kind of fuck.

It speeds up. It slows itself down. This is not a romantic venture. Hell no. This is dark art type shit. I fucking love it. This music makes you want to quit your job and do something heavier. Grab all of your friends and that person you make love to on the regular and just say, “Well fuck.”

Get your asses to The Untz Festival. We take flight May 29-31 kicking off from Sycamore Ranch in beautiful Browns Valley, California. Grab some tickets and get launched with us. There are really no words to describe this LP. Just listen. Let us know if any of this makes sense. If it does, then come the fuck down to the festie. We want you there. Here we go. Let’s launch.

If you absolutely can't wait until our bass family reunion, grab yourself a spot on the Cyberspace tour, which is winding its way through the southeast the remainder of this month and into the next one. There are more dates being added, but the most important one is with us in NorCal when he joins the LoFreq takeover.

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