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Favorite ThisTrans.Missions Google Hangout with Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda Oct 15

Published: October 10, 2014

One of the most adventurous tours of the fall is setting the stage for a brand new live video series connecting the transformational scene. On October 15th at 4pm EST, the inaugural Trans.Missions broadcast will be launched as part of an ongoing series. In the midst of their Searching For Beauty tour, Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, and ritual dancer Caeli La will be featured on a live panel discussion via Google+ Hangout. Fans who are unable to stream the panel live (at this link) will be able to watch it later on The Untz's YouTube channel.

Trans.Missions was conceived by Infrasound Festival and as a way to keep the motivation of education, community, and sustainability experienced at transformational events alive when our bags are finally unpacked and the tent is stowed away. By connecting artists, organizers, speakers, and advocates with a broad virtual audience, not only do we retain that sense of community, but thoughts and ideas travel at the speed of light.

Three of North America's premier transformational festivals, Infrasound, SONIC BLOOM, and Envision Festival are joining forces to reach fans of this movement all over the world. Moderator Anand Harsh of will curate panels with incredible musicians and thinkers who stand as pillars in this global family who value art, ecology, and cultural exploration on par with the music that binds us all.

We encourage fans to get involved with the event by contributing their questions for Phutureprimitive, Caeli La, Kaminanda, or the panel, at large, on a variety of topics from music to dance to festival culture and even crowdsourcing. Nerd out with us and join the conversation. Post your questions to the comments thread below, or Tweet your questions to @theuntz with the hashtag #transmissions.

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