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Favorite ThisTop 10 SONIC BLOOM 2015 Undercard Artists

Published: May 5, 2015

By: Keisuke Organza

SONIC BLOOM UndercardSince everyone is still fuming about the boxing debacle this week, let's go hog wild on the metaphors.

The prizefighter of this summer's bouts is undoubtedly SONIC BLOOM. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the massive lineup is once again a knockout, and some would say even bigger than past years with names like STS9, Shpongle, Emancipator, and Talib Kweli.

But the real story to us is the underdogs. The acts who will catch you wandering between sets with a sucker punch that has you dancing until you're dizzy, and you don't even know who the hell is up there!

The good news is, you've got The Untz in your corner.

We're going to make sure you know exactly which undercard artists to catch at the festival this year. You'll be in training for the next two months listening to remixes, originals, collabs, and full albums from the best and brightest artists on the Bloom lineup.

Make sure you join us June 18-21 at the beautiful new Hummingbird Ranch in Rye, CO for a spectacular celebration of the 10th Unified Field. Remember, this is once where Pretty Lights was an undercard, so you know this is superstar training camp.

Put yer dukes up and visit for tickets and info!

10. Nominus
This San Francisco-based vet has gotten a lot more attention in the past couple of years from big dates with Tipper and Kalya Scintilla. His brand on glitchy goodness is what Bloom is all about.

9. PEGA5U5
Brothers Mr. Rogers and Pharroh combine for an off-kilter brand on hippie-hop that makes us smile. Join the flock.

8. Adham Shaikh
The legendary producer from BC rarely makes it down to the States, but when he does, his sets absolutely go off.

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