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Favorite ThisThis ThazDope Records compilation is stacked with what's next.

Published: December 13, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival 2017 Phase 1In the shadow cast by the lineup drop we unleashed yesterday for The Untz Festival, a lot is illuminated. Particularly our obsession with cutting-edge bass music. That's because we've been preparing fans for the new and mostly unknown roster of talent that inhabits our thick roster of acts for June 2-4 in Mariposa, California.

Who's been slipping us the names of the rising talent that we just had to have? None other than the fine folks over at ThazDope Records, helmed by kingmaker Spankalicious, and featuring an absolutely stuffed stable of wicked young minds ready to be unleashed on the Central Valley. Spanky a.k.a. Kevin Moore, tapped another talent on the rise in Brian Gardner to curate the collection of songs for the latest ThazDope compilation: Heterodox.

Yeah, you can say Levitation Jones' third installment in the comp series is “unable to conform to orthodox standards or beliefs.”

From Toadface's retro dubby slammer “Summoning Gamabinta” to Cut Rugs' insane reversal “Snicka” there is so much power packed into this compilation. Festival hotshots The Widdler and Yheti produced some throwback gems, as well, so I guess what we're saying is, what's next is what's been around (but better). Grimy, dubby, sludgy—classic dubstep is here again, people. But much weirder, more willing to take a trip down the rabbithole. The smith. contribution featuring Spanky himself goes absolutely bananas. Loving it.

AlejoNewcomers Beardthug and Mindset stunned us with “Girthworm Jim” and “Resurgence,” respectively. Probably means we'll have to have them out at the festival with us next year, huh? “Come On” from Smokestax seems to be a fan favorite, so we're stoked for his UNTZ fest debut, as well as that of EAZYBAKED, who threw down a killer in “Layin Low.” The closer from Makak & Psynatra, though. Epic.

Push comes to shove, gotta give the gold star to Alejo's “Pass It Around,” this track is an absolute monster from an artist who we are tapping to be one of the next big breakout stars in psybass. He can do it all from the super technical glitchy stuff, to the banger bass that gets our rocks off.

Here's the bottom line. Chances are you took a look at that lineup for The Untz Festival and thought to yourself “I don't know half this shit.” Good. You should be so lucky. Enjoy diving into a whole new world of music just waiting to turn you on. But Heterodox is our jumping off point, so it should be yours, too.

Name your price for Heterodox from ThazDope Records (our suggested price is $6.66).

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