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Favorite ThisSpeaker Bump / Motif Lounge / 3.25.10

Published: April 1, 2010


Over 200 people danced the hours away at the Motif Lounge in downtown San Jose last Thursday night as “Hella Proper" DJs and their special guest DJs hosted their second night club event, “Speaker Bump.”

The event started at 9:30 pm with an opening set on the main floor by Av Alaguena aka DJ Av, whose main specialty is remixing various indie disco tracks.

After Av finished warming up the seemingly never-ending crowd of people pouring into Motif, AJ “Orbit” Jimenez took over for her with his brand of “bangin’ electro” and house music with a bit of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Once AJ started playing, the vibe of the club among the club-goers definitely kicked up a notch as more people began moving from the bar and getting up form their lounge seats onto the dance floor.

On the second floor, guest DJ, Jared Lindo aka “Indaskyes,” was just getting started on his set for the night. There was a small crowd of people gathering as Lindo continued with his mix of hard glitch hop and dubstep.

For about 10-15 minutes, Lindo was getting the crowd warmed up for later. He wasn’t in full force just yet.

Back down on the main floor, it was now more packed with people compared to earlier. “Orbit” was in his element and the crowd was feeling it. The place got real loud and crazy in a matter of minutes. Even “Orbit” was feeling himself; waving his hands in the air and bobbing his head up and down like a madman. He was feeding off the energy of the music and the crowd which was entertaining to watch.

“Indaskyes” stepped up his dubstep and glitch hop skills on the second floor which was now in all-out night club mode.. The much larger crowd was feeling his set at this point. With so many cameras being clicked at Lindo as he was playing, it’s safe to say he left his mark on the hometown crowd at Motif that night.

If “Indaskyes” got the crowd moving, the resident dubstep and glitch hop DJs of “Hella Proper,” Terrence “TKO” Laynes and Rod “DVS” Reyes tore the roof off of Motif Lounge with their brand of dubstep. People formed a circle where men and women started showing off their dance moves and battling each other to the music that was playing.

It added spontaneity to an already fun atmosphere inside Motif Lounge.

Special guest DJs, “Lock Up Your Sisters” hailing from San Francisco, closed out the evening on the main floor with a good mix of electro and bass. Some of the Motif crowd took a page from the second floor and formed a small break dancing circle of their own which was nice to see again.

The Motif Lounge was a great venue for this event. There was a bar on each floor and the bartenders were really nice and energetic. The atmosphere at Motif was fun and comfortable with both dance floors providing lots of space for people to embrace the nightlife.

The Hella Proper DJs and their special guests were fantastic. Their mixing skills were nothing to scoff at and the crowd went crazy for their mixes throughout the night. It was amazing to see the energy through their music and embrace the title of the event to its fullest.

Hella Proper became an instant hit with club-goers at the Motif Lounge in February with their first event, “Fancy Footwork,” hitting full capacity according to Av. “Speaker Bump,” while not hitting Motif’s capacity this time, still managed to draw a huge crowd.

Av said Hella Proper will be doing events at Motif Lounge once every month. Their next event, “Get Blasted,” hits April 22.

If “Speaker Bump” was anything to go by last Thursday night, electronic music lovers in downtown San Jose will be in for a treat once again come next month.