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Favorite ThisSpace Jesus unveils Dirt Monkey collab and Liquid Stranger remix

Published: October 27, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Space Jesus & Liquid StrangerWith one fell swoop, Jasha Tull and Martin Stääf welcome Patrick Megeath to the Wakaan family.

Of course, Dirt Monkey has been making waves over on Ganja White Night's Subcarbon Records, but with his “Sofa Surfin” collab with Space Jesus, Megeath is now flying high on two trending labels.

And nothing passes through Wakaan without the approval of its head honcho Liquid Stranger, so Stääf didn't hesitate in firing another thousand rounds of bass into an already wubby track.

Let's call it the bass generation's version of Rush's “Limelight,” Joe Walsh's “Life's Been Good,” or Bob Seger's “Turn the Page.” Sure, the life of a touring musician ain't all it's cracked up to be, but it beats working in an office and punching your time card straight to a mid-life crisis, eh?

Both Space Jesus and Liquid Stranger are in the back half of their respective tours, Jasha on Morphed Tour and Martin on Hypercolor Tour, and both with a slew of special guests. We miss their antics at The Untz Festival, but wish them both luck on their next sofa surfin adventures.

Tags: Dubstep