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Favorite ThisSoru sets the stage for his new EP with 'Melting Sunset'

Published: April 9, 2020

By: Jonathan Gross

SoruDesert Dwellers' label is bringing another member into the fold.

Soru releases his Cracks EP on Desert Trax next week. Featuring four highly psychedelic musings, Yair Solomon brings a fun energy to the label that will thrill fans of Bird of Prey, Ott, and Kalya Scintilla.

The Israeli producer has been deeply enmeshed in the psy scene, and international fans of glitch and bass will be sucked into this EP.

Today's premiere, “Melting Sunset,” features a slow, warbling LFO that runs throughout the track as the connective tissue that binds all the trippy, atmospheric flavors together. When we're all allowed back to our favorite international psychedelic festivals, this tune is going to be a huge hit.

Cracks EP is out April 17th, and you can pre-order it now:

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