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Favorite ThisSLAINE hits us right in the Nostalgia with 'Riddles'

Published: September 23, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Slaine - NostalgiaI'm not going to throw around the "M" word here, lightly. I don't drag the name of a god who walks among us into my petulant little screeds on dubstep, willy nilly. I am very judicious with the use of comparisons to pillars of our community.

So with that, I will say that Slaine's new Deep, Dark & Dangerous EP gives me Mala vibes. There, I said it. Send me to the gallows. Burn me at the stake.

But give Nostalgia a listen, why don't you, and tell me I'm wrong. Five brilliant tracks give a sense of what dubstep used to sound like, and can yet sound like in the future. What was once old is new again. But it's not a rehashing, mind you. This Slaine sound is a fresh, bouncy, and exciting take on minimal and melodic beats.

Today's premiere “Riddles” epitomizes that aesthetic. Not to say it doesn't get heavy and twisted on the record, the closer certainly does, but this is a fun feel for DDD.

Nostalgia out September 24.

Tags: Dubstep