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Favorite Thissather puts the 'i' in chill with a laidback bass approach

Published: October 28, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

sather - iWe first learned of Huntingdon Sather through ill.Gates' Class of 808 release, which highlighted some newcomers to the bass scene a couple years back.

Since that time, sather has found himself on more high-profile events and has steadily gotten more opportunities based out of his Denver home. Fans might have most recently heard his contribution to the SpicyBois collection, “Ü,” but today we bring you a different sound and a different letter of the alphabet.

i” is sonically completely distinct from not only “Ü,” but the rest of sather's catalog. While it's still in the experiemental bass realm, it's much chiller and dreamier. Instead of big, fat lo-fi wubs, there's a much gentler feel, with sensitive bass content. The whole track is comforting, without being sleepy.

After playing a few Halloween-themed events in Colorado, sather travels to Texas for Nightfall this coming weekend for a Spicy takeover. Then it's back to Denver for dates at Your Mom's House on November 14 and 27th.

Tags: Dubstep