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Favorite ThisRyan Farish releases 20-track Spectrum with wide range of trance

Published: June 30, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

Ryan Farish is a name we have come to know and love for more than a few years now. The LA producer boasts nearly two dozen studio releases and continues to work towards bringing us the finest in lush, electronic sounds with which to fall in love.

With 20 serene tracks, Spectrum continues a long list of high-caliber productions and bring fans of M83 and Tycho something to drool over.

As a whole, the album speaks with a similar voice to previous works. The sheer volume of studio time that goes into a full-length recording goes to show that this is a labor of love. Each track follows a key consistency that holds, subtly to each movement, urging listeners further and further across this ethereal Spectrum.

This consistency bubbles through dreamy synth pads and atmospheric layers of drum and keys. As you inch forward track by track the spectrum widens, opens and becomes sequentially more immersive. Suddenly you are adrift, the sparkle of a chime glistening like midnight stars.

Making your way passed the threshold, there is a sense of culmination, a pinnacle of sorts, that is, at the same time welcomed and mourned. Farish effortlessly guides a listener gently back to a foundation, a reintegration of some inexpressible experience.

Spectrum does as many great albums will and leaves a sweet comfort lingering about long after listening. Without overbearing for adoration, the hum of instrumentals will call out the brightest of emotions. In the end, it is about finding time to indulge a piece like this in its entirety, while each individual selection speaks its own verses, the delight comes in the culmination of these sectionals into a well-rounded and utterly satisfying sermon of sound.

After the long wait from his last full-length album Destiny, Spectrum will come as a welcomed relief to Farish fans across the globe. Grab the free download of "All the Colors" to tide you over.

Spectrum is available now on iTunes!

Tags: DowntempoTrance