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Favorite ThisRumble from the Rocky Mountains: VibeSquaD rattles out New Creatures EP

Published: June 22, 2010

By Cole Epley

In keeping up with the constantly evolving electronic scene these days, it can be difficult for an artist to maintain a distinctive identity and balance that identity with listener-friendly tracks; but save room for Aaron Holstein (a.k.a. VibeSquaD). With his latest EP, New Creatures, Holstein showcases his production expertise and all-around musical acumen with a six-track rib-rattler fit for the wobbliest of dance floors. Through the half-hour voyage of these six unique tracks, the listener will feel vibes with obvious breaks-inspired DNA. A closer listen also reveals a clever dub-influenced vehicle intertwined with those signature throaty VibeSquaD bass drops that the electronic community has come to know and love. Rounding out the equation with strangely melodic synthetic and sampled layers, Holstein delivers yet another satiating collection of listenable and, more importantly, danceable beats for the masses.

‘Aristocratic Static’ blasts off a cleverly compiled collection of beatworthy dance floor-ready tracks and in doing so establishes a commanding tone with dizzying layers of bass-laden melodies and samples; with addictive crescendos and a truly unique composition, it’s undoubtedly one of the strongest tracks of the EP. ‘Boosters’, takes on a persona all of its own—a spacey feel sparks an electro inferno that will blaze in your bobbing head for the entirety of its five minute lifespan. For a sneak peak of ‘Boosters’, the second blast from the magazine of this six-shooting salvo, check out the VibeSquaD homepage. As the third installment of New Creatures, Holstein drops in ‘Bunch’ with yet another distinct flavor. Speedy synth work introduces the most breaks-heavy track of the mix and dances around in your head like a thousand whirling dervishes; all of this comes before booming out shockwaves of bass across a sonic landscape that feels like a rave in Pandemonium. The transition into ‘Clumps’ is the most fluid of the EP and celebrates a mellifluous composition of tasteful melodies and balance—its timing is impeccable and the balance achieved in production by Holstein is commendable. ‘Double Dutch Oven’ is perhaps the most far-out voyage into uncharted territory, traveling via an undeniable dub-meets-electro vehicle to carry the listener into another of the strongest tracks on the EP. It’s a track that reveals more of itself with every listen. While its infectious melodies grow into your cerebrum, wicked bass drops with nuclear force. The EP is rounded out by the aptly named ‘New Creatures’. Here, the listener is presented with a final dose of lovably obnoxious bass vibes and even some Frampton-esque psychedelic vocals. Mingling these with an array of congruous samples and more layers of benumbing synth tones indeed exhibits the brainchild of VibeSquaD’s New Creatures—music of the future, right here and now. Pick up a copy and let it grow on you. You’ll be glad you did.

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