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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Fox Stevenson - Throwdown EP Remixes [Firepower Oct 21]

Published: October 20, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Datsik knew he struck gold when he brought Fox Stevenson into his Firepower family. The young producer from Leeds is a triple-threat, bringing live instrumentation into his productions, and adding winning vocals into the mix. With his Throwdown EP, the breakout star proved he was a huge asset to the franchise, and now it's time for the love to flow back in the other direction.

With the remix EP, heavy-hitters were brought in to rework this gold Stevenson already brought with his source material. You'd be hard pressed to find better stems: entrancing melodies, powerful vocals, and a penchant for fun; no genre handcuffs on this one.

The Brig steams in with banger off the bat. "High Five!" is a tour de force in party-starting mayhem. Rob Gasser follows up with a frenetic reworking that builds into an all out drum & bass masher. ETC! ETC! in an interesting move with Tight Traxx creates a chill trap remix of "Double Up," which allow's Fox's vox to really win the day. A bold chioce. xKore can always be counted on for bringing the heavy, and bring the heavy he does. His irreverent take on "Manage" evokes a mechanized mammoth terrorizing a town with blasting bass and penetrating top lines. And of course, Protohype is a veteran in the remix game. He takes "All In" to levels never before imagined. Max just knows how to deal with a pop tune, and make it his own. And he loses nothing in the process.

This all-star cast from one of the biggest labels in bass knocks it out of the park, once again. The hits keep on coming, and they can be all yours tomorrow (October 21), or pre-order it now and get ahead of game.

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