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Favorite ThisPick your creature for the Beats Antique Creature Carnival!

Published: September 16, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Which creature are you?

Beats Antique wants you to pick your creature, and join them on the traveling freak show known the country over as the Creature Carnival. Twisted tales of spooks and ghouls foretell of a great many creatures descending upon each carnival incarnation.

Visit and prepare yourself for the menagerie of mythological mutants in your hometown. Calling all creatures, great and small, to see Beats Antique alongside Shpongle, Emancipator, and Lafa Taylor. It's the greatest show on earth... and beyond.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDubstepElectronicaGlitchHip HopLivetronicaPsytrance