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Favorite ThisPhulti releases inaugural EP Big Bang

Published: May 18, 2018

By: Heather Hodder

Today, MalLabel Music brings Phulti to the forefront of the underground bass scene with the release of his Big Bang EP. This is Louisiana-based Tyler Lane’s inaugural EP. This release is the spark of what is yet to come for Phulti, thus “Big Bang” is a very fitting title. This is the beginning of something big, and the ripple effect is just getting going.

Phulti’s electronic trap and future bass style is similar to Figure, Yheti, Bassnectar, and Excision. Big Bang is a five-track compilation EP, including Phulti’s original mix “Gangster Music“ and his Spotify single “Voidazoid.”

MalLabel is a go-to source of up-and-coming underground bass producers. Phulti has performed with other MalLabel artists such as Yheti and Toadface along the way, and now Lane joins the ranks of several MalLabel artists that have been visionaries in experimental bass such as The Widdler, G Jones, and Minnesota. A release on MalLabel is a big deal in the west coast bass industry, and Lane is already making moves.

PhultiPhulti’s Big Bang EP vibes like an intergalactic voyage. Sounding like a spaceship ready for blast off, the tracks flow together like a ship heading into hyperspeed and then shifting into cruise control. The tracks “Gangster Music,” “Voidazoid,” “Awakened” with Soul Syrup, “Breaking Through” with Hypnotick, and “The Jeffrey,” are unique individually, but together the compilation flows seamlessly from one track to the next, making a full soundscape of bass drops, driving rhythms, and samples from beginning to end.

While his style is futuristic, he tributes ancient traditions in his work, for example through his name “Phulti.” According to Lane, “Phulti is an old Sanskrit word that cannot really be translated directly to English but loosely means: to expand into perfection—or release into perfection. Meaning that everything in life is already perfect so all we have to do is let go and enjoy it. I feel like music is an outlet to help me feel this.”

On his Facebook page, Phulti describes his music’s goal “to bring people together through one sound. It hopes to engulf the senses with ever-evolving, complex and creative music.” Although he just started producing as Phulti in 2017, this EP is the result of 6 years in the studio.

Phulti“My inspiration has been to recreate that feeling that Phulti stands for,” explained Lane, “I hope to give people expansion, release, a break from life. I hope to play with people's emotions, spark creativity, and ultimately push the boundaries of underground bass music.”

On Saturday May 19 at 9pm CST, Phulti will be doing a live performance on Facebook Live for MalLabel Music. To stay connected with Phulti , follow him @Phultimusic on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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