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Favorite ThisPELOQUIN debuts bone-crushing 'Out of Distance'

Published: March 7, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

PeloquinFollowing the release of the mega-compilation Quasar which injected new excitement into the underground bass realm with fresh tracks from Seppa, VCTRE, Black Carl, Keota, and more, Rapture Studios unleashes its first EP of the year courtesy of PELOQUIN.

The Ohio-based producer brings to the table a love of metal and left-field electronica, and the ensuing carnage comes through clear as a bell. Perplexual Voyage is a smoking pile of hardware rubble, coiled wires singed and sparking across crushed glass and molten plastic. The slimepunk aesthetic mixed with a post-modern approach to production makes for a wild ride on this particular voyage. Today's premiere, “Out of Distance” is a not quite as bleak as the music, with its reflective vocal samples, but fans of the dark side of bass will be drawn in.

The midwest bass label continues to find new and unique talent, and has risen quickly to contender status amongst other nascent outlets for progressive electronic music.

Perplexual Voyage is out March 11.

Tags: Hardcore